About Eatlagoon Food Blog

EatLagoon Food Blog is dedicated to all the die hard food lovers.

I will keep adding the reviews of not just the Fine Dining Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, but also the road side eateries, something which other websites, blogs or food guides don’t even dare to touch.

The sole motto of this blog is to share information on GOOD eating joints which serve good lip smacking food.

I will also keep reviewing ready to eat processed food, spices, condiments, outlets selling such items, etc.

Also from time to time, I’ll share some recipes, some mine and some good ones from some other websites. Also cooking tips, preserving tips, food facts, trivia, etc will be posted from time to time.

Since Eatlagoon is dedicated to all the foodies, I believe that everyone who visits Eatlagoon, should share their views and reviews and knowledge with others. I request all fellow foodies to make it an open ended blog. I am sure people will be extremely appreciative of your contributions.

I hope all the food lovers will find this blog extremely informative and interesting.

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bon appétit

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