No Special Reason for this very small post.
But than 3 very special reasons.
Reason 1 :
Only thing that you want to eat on a very rainy winter morning is some good tasty piping hot bedmi poori, with aloo ki subzi, seetaphal (pumpkin) ki subzi, with tangy chatni and boondi ka raita. This morning is the perfect time for it.
I tasted the divine food and i wanted to share the same with all my friends who follow this blog.
Reason 2 :
This Blog is about the very tasty, to die for food.
And this food more than qualifies for it. I can vouch for it that you don’t find kind of this food atleast in Delhi. Forget about the  taste and quality. Yes its available at a few shops of old halwais (old sweet shops) in Mathura, Agra and at a shop in Ghaziabad. I’ll be reviewing that shop soon.
Reason 3 and The Biggest Reason:
I wanted to Thank my Choti Mausi Mrs. Aparna Bhardwajfor Such Tasty a Treat. The food is prepared by my Mausi and to be honest I did not believe it for a long time that this was prepared by her and I thought she ordered the food all the way from Ghaziabad.
After all these years of me thinking who knows about food better than me, my arrogance was completely shattered by her. I can never ever think of making such tasty food myself. Loved the food, and the love it carried. 🙂
Mausi, You showed nothing can beat Maa Ke Haath ka Khana. Love You Mausi.

And to all my friends, I’ll be sharing the detailed recipe of the food with you all soon, and probably shoot a video of her preparing the delicacies.

Have a Great Day Friends. May you all eat something very tasty and satisfying.

Happy Eating

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