I am a hardened foodie and have a weak knee for good quality Indian sweets

Unlike Haldiram and Brijwasi, food quality and menu of Bikanervala restaurants is not highly standardised. But  Bikanervala Gurgaon is just too good to believe. Much better than the Haldiram chain. Right from the food quality, to the presentation and most of all the variety. Below are reasons which make Bikanervala Gurgaon must visit restaurant and the best sweetshop in Delhi-NCR.
Mango Gilori
1. Huge variety of extremely tasty and hygienic food. It serves finger licking dishes you’ll not find anywhere else .
a. Home-made aam panna and bel ka sharbat (just like my nani used to make).
b. Ganne ka juice made extremely hygienically and tastes better than any ganne ka juice i’ve had all my life.
c. Chole bhature (spicy, crunchy, tangy and tasty)
d. Chole ke saath tikki
e. Yummy jalebis (much better than haldiram)
f. All kinds of fruit kulfis
g. Very hygienic and extremely tasty chuski.
h. Puri subzi with chaach or lassi and halwa is awesome (only breakfast)
i. Alu gobhi ke tawe wale khasta paranthe (only morning and only on sundays and holidays)
j. A variety of platters ranging from eco thali, special thali, home thali, kebab platter, chinese , south indian, and roomali roti soya chop platter.
k. Garam kadhai ka doodh in winters, cold anjeer milk in summers apart from the regular badam milk.
l. All the mini platters, chat items, even salad bar are yummy and highly recommended.
m. All kind of vegetarian food available, so people have a lot to choose from
n. I’ll give it a much higher rating than any haldirams.

2. They serve high quality sweets. They leave other Mithaiwalas of this world far behind in quality. I stay in Dwarka, but I prefer coming to leisure valley to buy sweets. Must try sweets are mango gilori, pan gilori, panjeeri (I eat these every time i go there). Other to die for sweets are : Pista Louj, Coconut Laddoo (orange), Dryfruit khajoor, Gulukand Gujia, Gulab Laddoo and Malai Roll. They also have a good varity Sugarless Sweets for the diabitic people.
Bengali Sweets
3. Namkeen and mathri quality is very good too. Much better than any other place.Dry fruit Kachori is a must try

4. Hygiene, cleanliness & crowd are also very nice.

5. The restaurant is spread across 3 floors and also has a banquet facility for parties.
But Kindly Note this review is only for the Leisure Valley Bikanervala. Other Bikanervalas are left far behind in terms of quality and variety.

A must must visit. Infact after writing this review, I want to go there again. Going there for Dinner tonight. 


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