There is nothing great about a bread pakoda. Every Indian must have eaten it, and cooked it as well. A bread pakoda recipe is probably the simplest of all the recipes. But than, this blog is all about the extraordinary simple dishes.
Today I am going to share my faviorite bread pakoda recipe. After having eaten the bread pakodas from 100s of vendors, I have came to the conclusion that a man’s search for good food finally stops at his own kitchen. This recipe of bread pakoda is by my wife Anjali.

bread pakoda
When I married her 6 years back, she was the only person I knew in this world who could burn water . HEHEHE. But today she’s a super duper chef who can create some very scrumptious dishes. Her bread pakodas are the best that I’ve ever had (only one bread pakode wala who used to sit in R.K. Puram Sector – 8 Market used to make better bread pakodas. Sadly he’s making the bread pakodas for God these days.).

Methi Ki chutney
I feel that such knowledge should be shared with the world. People will get to eat a great dish and I’ll score a few brownie points in the eyes of my lady love.
So guys please note down the Bread Pakoda Recipe : A Signature Dish By Mrs. Anjali Dixit.

best bread pakoda in india

Bread Pakoda Recipe Information :

Prep Time: 30 min to 1 hour

Cook Time: 10-15 min

Serves: 4 people

Yield: 8 pakodas


  • For the potato stuffing
  • 2 potatoes (boiled and finely meshed)
  • 1 inch ginger, very finely chopped
  • 1-2 green chillies, very finely chopped
  • 1 tsp roasted cumin powder
  • 1 tsp coriander powder
  • black rock salt to taste
  • a pinch of asafoetida
  • few corriender leaves finely chopped
  • For the batter
  • 8 slices of  bread
  • 1.5 cups besan (gram flour)
  • 1/2 tsp corriender powder
  • 1/4 tsp carm seeds (ajwain)
  • 2 cloves very finely minced garlic (this makes all the difference to the taste I believe)
  • 1/4 tsp garam masala powder
  • red chilli powder to taste
  • little salt (since the stuffing has salt too)

Note: These measurements are approximate. You can adjust the ingredients as per your taste

Method :

  1. Boil (pressure cook)  whole  potatoes on high flame for 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, slice the crusts off the bread.
  3. Peel off the skin and finely mesh the boiled potatoes.
  4. You can now add all the ingredients of potato stuffing and mix well.
  5. Take one slice of the bread. Spread this potato mixture on one side of the bread. You can use more for a thick stuffed bread if u want. I love moderately stuffed pakodas.
  6. Place another slice on top.
  7. Press it tightly so that it holds together. The mashed potato will hold the bread in place.  Cut this bread into two  in any shape you want ( you can make rectangles, triangles, etc)
  8. For the batter – mix together all the ingredients for the batter in a bowl. Add enough water to make a thick batter – which will help to coat the bread slices. Add tablespoon by tablespoon of water to avoid thin batter. You need medium consistency. Dip one stuffed slice in the batter and coat both the sides.
  9. Drop this to med-high hot oil.
  10. When you find the bottom turning red, turn the other side
  11. Once friend from both the sides once done, drop the pakoda on a paper towel to drain excess oil.
  12. Serve with any condiment of your choice – green chutney, ketchup or methi ki chatni. In the pics the pakodas are served with maggi hot and sweet sauce and methi ki chatni (will tell more about the methi ki chatni in upcoming posts.)

Tips :

  1. Instead of serving pakoda and chatni separately, you can fill the green chatni between the 2 slices of the pakoda and eat. It tastes great and you can have it on the go.
  2. You can give several shapes to the bread slices like star, ship, micky mouse. Stencils for the same are easily available in the markets. Kids will love them.
  3. Don’t ignore garlic. It gives the pakodas, the unique taste. I learnt the tip from my faviorite bread pakode wala when I was a kid. Those pakodas were out of the world. Than Anjali tried adding the garlic and I started loving her even more.
  4. If you don’t want to add minced garlic, add a few cloves of garlic in warm water, and keep it for a day before using the water for making the batter.  My fav bread pakode wala used to follow this trick.

Do share your views, reviews and suggestions about this recipe on the blog so others may benefit from your tips and we may improve the recipe further.

Happy Eating

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