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Ever since I’ve started writing this Blog, I keep getting a lot of requests to post recipes of various dishes. Most requested ones are of Matar Kulcha Recipe, Chola Bhatura, Shahi Paneer, Aloo Kachori and Makkhan Ka Samosa. I’ll be posting all the recipes soon, but today’s star of the day is the Matar Kulcha Recipe.[…]

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I could have written this post long ago, as this legendary dahi bhalla wala was on my priority for a long time.  But sadly I had no pics to upload, so it took me a while. So, poor me, had to visit Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala personally, to click the snaps, and had to gulp[…]

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 I remember watching “A Walk In The Clouds” for the first time when I was 13-14 years old, trying to understand the friendships, crushes, infatuations, love, the birds and the bees.  A Walk In The Clouds is a very romantic fairytale like movie starring Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon. The movie, the cinematography capturing picturesque[…]

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There is nothing great about a bread pakoda. Every Indian must have eaten it, and cooked it as well. A bread pakoda recipe is probably the simplest of all the recipes. But than, this blog is all about the extraordinary simple dishes. Today I am going to share my faviorite bread pakoda recipe. After having[…]

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Aloo Ki Tikki is probably the most loved chaat in India after Gol Gappe.This makes it extremely important to know the places which serve the tasties tikkis.

This search of mine took me to Vrindavan. I am not saying that we don’t find good tikkis in Delhi NCR. There are several good tikki sellers in Old Delhi like Natraj, Mansingh Caterers, L.S. Caterers, Shambhu Singh, among others. Also there are the likes of Bittoo Tikki Wala, An unnamed  Good  Tikki Wala in Rohini Sector 13 DDA Market, Haldirams and Bikanervala in Gurgaon.

But I will have to admit that if there is one heaven for Tikki lovers, it has to be in Vrindavan. There are dozens of Tikki and Chaat sellers in the market adjacent to Bhanke Bihari Ji Mandir, all of them a million times better than the Delhi-NCR tikki walas. They all make nearly similar types of Tikkis, only masala, red chatni, greent mint chatni and Matar Chaat preparation differs. Same is the case with other items like gol gappas (they are called pani ke batashe in Mathura and Vrindavan), Dahi Bhallas, Papdi Chaat, Dhoklas, and kullad lassis. All the shops sell at nearly the same rate, and are all very nice.

Also there are some very good shops which sell great aloo poori, samosa, gauras ki chaat and aloo kachori, though I believe Aloo kachoris  sold outside Dwarkadheesh Mandir in Mathura and outside Marghat Wale Baba ka Mandir in Jamuna Bazaar, Old Delhi are much better. Seperate Posts on Kachoris and Gauras ki Chaat will be coming up shortly. also there is a prasad shop outside Banke Bihari Temple which sells excellent pedas and Kullia. Seperate post will come up for the kullia.

Coming back to tikkis now. After having tried and tested all the tikki walas in that area, I’ve finally zeroed it down to Mukesh Chaat Lassi Wala. When we come out of Banke Biharaji Mandir, and take a right on the small street, we walk nearly 25-30 meters, before the street ends at a T point. This shop is located at that T point. I’ve posted the map to locate the shop and also the pic of the sign board of the  shop ( its punch line is “aisa koi saga nahi, jisko humne thaga nahi”. HAHA)

It is one of the smallest Tikki shops in the area, and only sells Tikkis, Dahi Bhallas, and Lassi. And I’ve to admit, that he is the best in all three items, specially the tikki.

They dont fill anything inside the tikkis. No dal, no matar, no paneer, no dry fruits, nothing. Its just plain aloo ki tikki fried to perfection in pure desi ghee, till it becomes extremely crispy. They serve it with lal chatni, hari chatni, dahi if u want and matar ki chaat, which is the USP of Vrindavan ki Tikkis ( God…Unable to control all the water that’s coming in my moth, just thinking about it)….  and sprinkle some great masala. Awesome, Just Awesome).

The size of the tikki is quite big, usually 1 tikki is enough for light eaters. But for Rakshas like me, I am usually done in 4 tikkis ( 4 tikkis not coz I can eat that much, just for pure indulgence in such divine taste). Also  because  in between  I have to eat 2 dahi bhallas, 1 small namkeen lassi and 1 small meethi lassi, which tastes just great.

Check out the pics guys, just check out the pics… and dont forget to enlarge the pics by clicking on them, that’s where you’ll be able to get much closer to this delectable stuff. Yum Yum!!

I used to visit Vrindavan in my college days just to eat these tikkis.  7-8 hours of to and fro road journey just to taste this scrumptious dish. Sorry I was literally lost in those thoughts since last 10 minutes. Now I get to eat them when I go for Bihariji’s Darshan and to meet relatives. And I am rewarded by this heavenly dish.

My Ratings :

Tikkis : 5/5 no 7/5 if possible. Oh yes its possible in this lagoon of foodies.

Bhallas : 5/5

Namkeen Lassi : 5/5 ( and one bonus number for the experience of drinking in the kullad)

Meethi Lassi : 4.5/5 ( and one bonus number for the experience of drinking in the kullad)

Prices :

Rs. 20 for 1 Tikki, one bhalla and small lassi.

Value for Money:

7/5 again. So buy a tikki or 2 for the poor old ammajis and babas who come asking for help on the road. Do not give money. Feed them.

 Ambience : 

What ambience can one expect at a small eatery in a very busy market at a Religious Place, but who gives a damn to the ambiance anyways when one can get to gobble up all the good stuff.

Experience :

Divine!!! Need I say more?

Go eat it guys, you are missing something if you are not eating it. Highly highly recommended.

People who have tasted this gratifying dish, do share your views with us. Those who have not, can plan out. I can come along.

Now i am hungry and I think it is best to stop writing and concentrate of eating.

Keep Eating!!!


  • Makkhan ka Samosa FullMakkhan ka Samosa Full
  • Makkhan Ka TarboozMakkhan Ka Tarbooz
  • Makkhan ka AnaarMakkhan Ka Anar
  • Makkhan Ka SantaraMakkhan Ka Santara
  • Makkhan ka SamosaMakkhan ka Samosa from Inside

This post should have been a part of a bigger post on Ram Lila which I will post in coming days. But Makkhan ka Samosa is one thing which I cannot resist, so had to give respect to my favorite sweet dish by making it my first post.

Wait a minute, Did I say “Sweet Dish”.

Oh Yes, its a Sweet Dish.Not just a sweet dish, the tastiest sweet dish I’ve ever had.

Ok, enough of crap. I know many of you must be wondering what exactly is a Makkhan ka Samosa.

Well, Makkhan ka Samosa is a Samosa Made of White butter, its not fried, but served chilled.

Outer white layer, as you can see is whole white butter, given a shape of samosa. Filling is of Khoya, Gulukand, Dry fruits and Kesar.

Its kept refrigerated so it does not melt, and just before serving, it is rolled in sugar, or traditionally in Khand (Raw Sugar).

Wholesome in calories, but taste divine. If asked what’s my last wish before dying, I’d want to eat a Makkhan Ka Samosa, may be a few, may be a few dozen 🙂 . The first time I tasted makkhan ka samosa, was some 10-12 years back. I ate 16 pieces in one go. The trend still continues. 🙂

Makkhan Ka samosa can be easily made at home, or can be bought from outside too. Its traditionally a sweet from Mathura and not commonly available. But, still some old shops in Mathura prepare it on special order. I found a Makkhan ka Samosa seller in Delhi also who sits in Old Delhi, though he is also from Mathura.

Will Provide detailed recipe, with pics, maybe a detailed video in a new post in some time. For the lazy ones who are not interested in preparing it themselves, I’ll also provide the address of makkhan ka samosa seller in Delhi, his phone number and his Google map location and my reviews on the quality and taste.

For the time being keep drooling on the pics, like me, and keep checking the updates. 🙂

Happy Eating.


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