You will say ok, no problem sweetheart, it’s not the end of the world. It might not be the end of the world but it definitely is the end of the event. An event which itself was a world for the food lovers. You all might not realise it, but I know you have missed something really great. So please forgive me for not updating this post on time. 

This year’s Dilli Ke Pakwan event was from 8th-14th February 2013. It is a yearly event which I have attended earlier also, but was not really impressed. This time when I came to know about it, I was not really keen to go, but the ardent foodie in me took me there once again. 

And I was not disappointed one bit. This year the event was great. Lots of activities to do. Unlike last year, lots of good food good this time. It was a fun experience. 

Ok, so without wasting any more time, I’ll list out various food counters I tried. Also a few non vegetarian counters which I did not try. 

1. Nomadic Food Counter 

Dilli Ke Pakwan

This was the highlight of the whole event. Infact, just because of them I visited Dilli Ke Pakwan for the second time and had planned a third trip on the last day but unfortunately could not make it. 

Nomadic food counter served a Nomadic Food Platter consisting of Bajre Ki Roti, Gatte Ki Cadi, Lehsun Ki Chutney, Raita, Pyaaz and Gud. 

Bajre ki Roti was prepared on clay griddle, over a charcoal and wood stove, and dipped in desi ghee. I could smell aroma of the rotis from atleast a 100 metres and I knew it was worth trying. The food was divine. Simple no frills food, but heavily induced with flavours which still tingle my taste buds, my nose, my brain, my tummy and my heart. The one roti thali was just Rs. 150, which was value for money any day. But there was more to this counter than just some high quality, exceptionally tasting food. They were also selling the clay griddle, purses made of recycled cloth by the nomadic women, some beautiful nomadic jewellery, cds of nomadic songs and nomadic musical instruments like ektara, tumba, etc. I bought a devotional cd, a funky lorry songs cd, purse for my wife and a clay griddle. I used the clay griddle, makes excellent rotis. 

The counter was run by Husband – Wife Duo named Vinai Rai and Meenakshi (they call themselves Meenakshi Vinay Rai . They run an organisation named Chinh. Chinh supports social initiatives promoting causes of children and marginalized nomadic communities. They both were quite hospitable. I would like to thank Meenakshi too for singing the beautiful song Sun Mere Bandhu”” for us and a couple more songs.

Meenakshi Vinay Rai
The whole experience was just majestic. Great food, Great music and Great Hosts. What more could we expect? They told me that they don’t have a permanent outlet for the nomadic food as such but they can arrange the same for us, if we tell them in advance. Their web address is http://www.chinh.inand http://www.chinhwebchannel.in 

2. Traditional Hut Kulfi 

They were serving several varieties of Kulfi and garma Garam Kadhai Wala Doodh. We tried the doodh, Paan Bahaar Mata Kulfi and Kesar Pista Kulfi. All were just great. I didn’t expect it to be good but I was surprised. You will get the contact details and Menus of Traditional Hut Kulfi and all the Food Joints we tried in the pictures I clicked. All the pics are posted on my facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/EatLagoon 

3. Yadav Paan Bhandar 
I’ve had better Paans in my life from the likes of Pandey Paan Bhandaar which serves Paans in Rashtrapati Bhavan’s Dinners (Review coming up Soon), Prince Paan Bhandaar in R.K. Puram , Bhiyann Paan Wale of Ghaziabad. But I’ll not say I didn’t enjoy Yadav’s Paan . Infact it was great, to an extent that you can drool over it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Yadav Pan bhandar
4. Free Candy Floss 

Yes we had free Candy Floss prepared by Muchhad Bhai but was sponsored by Titu Da Dhaba which had at counter too. I didn’t try the food, But Old Style Cot Seating looked inviting. But it was the candy floss which we enjoyed. Last time I had candy floss was 5 years back, that too after paying for it. What can taste better than the yummy sweet candy floss that too served free. We had many. HEHE 

cotton candy

5. Rice Papad from Papad Wala 

Now it must have been quite a few years since I had them last, but thoroughly enjoyed them. 


6. Random Chaat and Food Items which we tried : 

a. Kathi Kabab and Rumali Roti. 

Looked tempting but nothing great. 

b. Besan Aloo Toast. 

I’ve tried far far better in the streets of Old Delhi. Thumbs Down 
Potato sandwich
c. Chila 
Again Nothing to write much about. 


d. Vegetable Biryani. 

So So. Nothing Great.

e. Aloo Chaat  
It was good, but nothing exceptional. 

aloo fry

f. Matar Kulcha 
Though tasty, but would not rate them highly 

matar kulcha

g. Daulat ki chaat. 🙂
Check out my post on daulat ki chaat baby Jhttp://eatlagoon.blogspot.in/2012/12/daulat-ki-chaat.html 

7. Items which were in my list but could not try :

a. Tempting looking paranthas. Hate my wife and friends who didn’t allow me to try them. 

b. Litti Choka . Yes, Now its also park of Dilli Ke Pakwan 
Litti Chokha
c. Rajasthani Food like Dal Bati Choorma, Pyaaz Kachori, Mirchi Vada. All looked tempting. 

d. Chuski. Sour Throat.

e. Bombay Bhel Puri. Please don’t laughf. Sheermaal. Wanted to try it, but it was available at the hardcore non veg counter, so avoided it. g. Non Veg Delicacies. That’s the only part of food I don’t understand since I am a vegetarian, but the way people were enjoying it, must have been good. 

Though I went there just food, but there were a lot many things to do apart from eating. Enjoyed following experiences:

1. Bioscope 

It was nostalgic. Must have watched film in bioscope after at-least two decades. Loved the experience and loved the music it played. 2. Cultural Event 

Loved the Sufi Music Performance on the opening night of the fest. It was a treat to my ears and senses. Loved the jugal bandi. 

3. Fun time with Panditji

This was the funniest part. Showed my hand to Panditji who was a palmist by profession. Told me that I’ll have 3 sons and told my wife that she’ll have 2 sons. You cannot imagine the kind of questions my wife asked me the whole night about the third son. Hehe. Pandit Ji also told my friend Varun that he’ll marry one of his male friends. Indian astrology is getting progressive with time. 🙂 

4. Rikshaw and Auto Fun 

Have never seen so well decorated Rickshaw’s and Autos in Delhi. Made us realise it was more than just food fest. Loved the fun. 

rikshaw ride

5. Pinwheel and other traditional toys

Again must have bought a pinwheel after atleast two decades. Loved the way it swirled. And loved the smile on my wife’s face. 
A Special Thanks to Anjali Dixit, Varun Sharma and Jigisha Kochhar for the lovely time spent. And also to Meenakshi Vinay Rai for the beautiful songs.

Lots more to write but I know this post is becoming too lengthy. So I guess it’s time to bid adieu. With a promise that I’ll inform you all well in advance before the fest starts again next year.

Do not forget to check out my pictures of the food fest on facebook page
http://www.facebook.com/EatLagoon and 

Have a blessed life and stomach. 

delhi auto

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