Yes, Yes.. I know you have tasted Best of the Cold Coffees from the likes of Costa, Barista, CCD, United Coffee House, Mocha, Starbucks and also best of the five star coffee shops.
I also know they all taste great, and I love them too. But there is a hidden Gem named D’Pauls in Japath flea market in Connaught Place.
It is a very tiny shop which sells excellent cold coffee, which is available in many different flavours and many sizes. It is a Take away or a stand and eat joint.
You will ask me what’s so special about this place? Many would say Cold Coffee. I agree with them, they make excellent cold coffees. But my favorite is the Cheese or Paneer Ball. It is huge is size, and one ball is more than enough for an average eater. For Guzzlers like me, I believe 2 Cheese balls and one cold coffee are enough to satisfy me and instantly increase my belly by atleast 2-3 inches.
cheese ball recipe
Cheese ball is more like a bread roll which we used to eat in the school and college canteens. Only difference is, these are round, bigger than a cricket ball and filled with a very tasty mix of  meshed paneer, capsicum, onions and spices. Outer covering is of a large full bread, fried to perfection and extremely crispy. Yum Yum. My mouth is watering.
Apart from the cheese balls, they also sell a very tasty heavily stuffed veg sandwich which has a hint of mint and it makes it so so delicious. Check the white bread sandwich in the pic, I’ve clicked it after taking out a little filling so you can know what goes in it.
depaul's cold coffee
Also there are several other good items to eat like the the veg cheese sandwich ( pic with a brown bread sandwich), a very tasty grilled sandwich for people like me who are on diet (please don’t laugh). It has raw capsicum, tomatoes and paneer and a very tasty masala. It is a must try.
They also sell burgers, several different sandwiches, kathi rolls, hot dogs, stuffed kulchas, pizzas, momos, etc. All of the above are available in several varieties both in veg and non veg variants.
best sandwich in delhi

To drink they have their signature cold coffees both in glass and plastic take away bottles, ice tea, lemonade, soft drinks and canned juices.

They also sell a good variety of cosmetics. Actually this was their core business some 50 years back when they opened this very tiny shop. But over the time they became famous for their food which was a very small counter they placed outside their shop, just to earn some extra income. Today they sell atleast 1000 bottles of cold coffee daily and atleast double the quantity of fast food.
This place is worth a visit, specially for their cheese balls.
healthy sandwich delhi
My Ratings :
Cheese Balls : 5/5.
Cold Coffee : 4.5/5
Other In House Beverages: 3.5/5
Other In house fast food : 2.5-4.5/5
Prices :
Prices for all the items range from Rs.20- 60
Value for Money:
7/5 . This is good, tasty hygienic food at throw away prices.
Address : 22, Janpath Bhawan, Janpath, Delhi , 110001. Landmark: Next to Janpath market
Do not miss this one.
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I will very soon write my reviews on the legendary Paranthe Wali Gali. So stay tuned and happy eating.

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