Its 10.15 am on 18th January 2013, a very rainy, winter morning.
But i am loving it. After-all, how often we see a wet rainy morning, that too in January, that too with conditions so overcast that we have to switch on the headlights of our car at 9 am in the morning, also we have to drive extremely slowly as we are in the middle of a hail storm.
But I am so thankful to God for giving creating conditions so favorable for me to go to a sweet shop to have some Piping Hot Kachori Aloo and Pyaar Ki Kachori and Some Garma Garam Adrak Ilaichi wali Chai (Hot Ginger Cardamom Tea) from a road side Chai Wala.
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There is no specific reason for this unplanned post, but to share pics of my journey from home to office this morning. And The Exploits in between. To bring to you the pleasant  experience of being in rain with your wife is such romantic conditions. And able to romance with the food in such idle conditions. I know I can share only the pics and not the flavour of spicy aloo ki subzi, garma garam dal and pyaaz ki kachori , pickled green chillies, and the aroma of ginger and cardamom coming from the tea while you slowly sip it. The heat, tea cup generates and warms up your hand.
There can be no experience better it this world than what i had this morning. PRICELESS
It you had any similar experiences do share with us. Also share what you had for breakfast this morning.
Have a lovely day ! Happy eating.

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