KUREMAL KULFI WALE (Kulfi & Ice Candy)

KULFI ????
C’mon Gimme a Break!!!
I know and realise everyone who has eaten Kulfi, Good Kulfi, Great Kulfi from the Likes of Kaleva, Bikanervala, Haldiram, Roshan Di Kulfi and many more, must be saying ” C’mon Gimmie a Break!!!”. .Don’t Bug us with a post on Kulfi.
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Even I have had all Kulfis at all these places, and I love the Kulfis of Kaleva, Roshan in Karol Bagh and Bikanervala, Gurgaon. Its likely, most of the people who are into eating must have tried stuffed Fruit Kulfis. No Big Deal.

But I am sure, not many must have tasted False Wali Kulfi, Anar Ki Kulfi, Jamun Ki Kulfi, Roller Kulfi and more.  All these are available at Kuremal Kulfi Wale. They have a mammoth  variety of these delicious, all natural kulfis. One trip to their shop is just not enough, you need atleast a dozen trips to taste all their flavours, even if you try 4-5 flavours in one visit.

Kuremal kulfis are in existence since 1908,  which make them even more legendary. The shops are located in tiny streets of Sitaram Bazaar in Old Delhi. The reason why I mentioned shops instead of shop is, because there are few Kulfi Walas there, nearly all of them Kuremal. Probably all of them brothers. Never asked them. Though the good ones among the identicals are Kuremal Mohan and Kuremal Mahavir. Both very famous.

I often used to visit these shops in college days, and loved them. Now it has kind of become a yearly affair to taste them at their stalls in Ramlila. Also, as an incentive of tasting them in Ramlila, I am also able to feast on the Roller Kulfi. Something that is not available at their shops.

Though the Roller Kulfi is nothing extraordinary, its the preparation procedure that takes place in front of you, makes it a feast for your eyes. and you get to taste several flavours in each bite. It is one thing that everyone should try before dying. I think I need to  have it urgently now as not many days are left in 21st December 2012. God knows Kal Ho Na Ho.

Now the Ratings:

Ratings vary this time from 3.5/5 to 5/5 depending on the flavour.

For the experience of tasting such unique things, I’ll rate it 5/5.

Prices : Again depends from item to item. Their range starts from Rs 25 if I am not wrong.

Value for money :
 5/5 again. Infact more than the value for money.

Ambience: I think I should not mention ambience when reviewing street food.

Experience: 5/5, this whole exercise is all about experience. Visiting a 115 years old Kulfi vala, to eat the legendary Kulfis. You’ll feel you have achieved something in your life.

How to Reach:
Easiest way is by metro. Address : Kucha Pati Ram, Sita Ram Bazaar, Near Chawri Bazaar Metro Station, Delhi 110006.

Don’t forget to share your reviews if you’ve ever been to Kuremal.

bon appétit

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