I could have written this post long ago, as this legendary dahi bhalla wala was on my priority for a long time.  But sadly I had no pics to upload, so it took me a while.
So, poor me, had to visit Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala personally, to click the snaps, and had to gulp down a few plates each of Dahi bhallas and alu tikki.
Sigh ! Look what I have to do for you all.
natraj aloo tikki
 Now coming back to the legend. Natraj is an extremely extremely famous Dahi Bhalla outlet which was established in 1940. Imagine generations just selling Dahi Bhalla. They don’t even have any other outlets.  This means if you want to romance Cleopatra, you have to go to Egypt.
Me being the Mark Antony of the Kingdom of Food, anyways had to come to meet this Cleopatra.
best aloo tikki in old delhi
OK enough crap! He He
Natraj makes one of the tastiest dahi bhallas in the universe. Yes there are other mammoths like Kaleva and Mukesh in Vrindavan. And I might just edge a little in favour of Kaleva when it comes to the taste.
But even after this Natraj is just my choice.
The bhallas are very soft, fluffy and daanedaar, curd not sweet like kaleva or other big halwais. Though I personally feel that Dahi anyways should not be sweet. It should be sweetened by red tamarind chutney just like Natraj does, the old fashioned way. Sprinkled with the awesome, awesome, signature Natraj dahi bhalla masala. One bite and you are floating in heaven. By the time you come back to your senses, you have already finished atleast 2 plates of dahi bhallas.
natraj aloo tikki
I believe bhallas are just great, but what makes it stand out from the likes of Kalevas and Mathura is the extremely tasty masala which is a secret recipe. I believe it does all the magic.
They also serve Aloo Tikki. Again, very very very tasty.  Though I’ll rate Vrindavan Ki Tikki extremely high in comparison, but Natraj ki tikki has its own very special taste. One of my favorite in Delhi. Tikkis are extremely crispy from outside and very soft from inside. In all a very unique taste. Hari Chatni is thick and very very tasty. I bet you’ll not be satisfied with just one plate.
Natraj sells just these two items, and both are just out of this world. The huge crowd outside this tiny shop at any time of the day is a witness of all  I am saying.
tastiest dahi bhalla
The only problem is, you need to find a place to stand on the heavily crowded food path or road to relish these mouth watering delicacies. But hard core foodies, looking to satisfy their desire for great tasting food will not mind that.
To reach here is very simple. Just park your car at any of the metro stations and take a metro to Chandni Chowk station. Get out from the Chandni Chowk exit and ask anyone about Natraj. Probably people will show you the way. DONT dare to take you car.
Now My Ratings.
Best Dahi Bhalla in Delhi
My Ratings :
Tikkis : 5/5.
Bhallas : 5/5 and a bonus 1 point for the masala.
Prices :
Rs. 50 per plate.
Value for Money:
7/5again. You will not mind paying for the quality and tasty food you will eat.
 Ambiance : 
Hahaha … Just Joking
Experience :
Yum Yum!!! Slurp Slurp!!! 🙂
Address :
1396, Main Road Near Central Bank, Opposite Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk, Delhi – 6
Phone Number : 9811167400
Go there and taste this awesome dish. And if you agree with my review, do bring 2 plates each of tikki and bhallas for me as a token of appreciation 🙂
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Happy Eating
 best street food in old delhi
 best dahi bhalla in india

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