Yes! Yes! I know! Tacos were launched last year by Domino’s. But the only reason why product review is coming up now is because I tasted it only last week. Domino’s Pizza started operations in India from 1996 and is India’s largest Food Service Company having more than 500 Pizza Stores in India. I still remember going to Domino’s outlet in Noida Sector-18 Market some 15 years back.
Though I have been eating Pizza’s from Domino’s since last 15 years, infact I am a very loyal customer to the extent of having their Mobile Ordering Application in my Cell Phone.
But to be honest, I have never been a great fan of their Pizzas and other products. Yes there is an exception though – I love their Veg Extravaganza Pizza in Deep Dish Crust. Apart from that, I like their Garlic Bread and that’s it.
dominos pizza
But they are the best choice to order a pizza for home delivery as they stick to their word of delivering food within 30 minutes. They generally deliver at my place within 25 minutes. Which is impressive and also appreciated, specially when you are hungry to the core.
Domino’s keep introducing new side orders and pizza crusts at regular intervals like Pastas, Cheesy Boloroni Crust, Stuffed garlic Bread, etc.
This is a very good marketing strategy in fact. By the time you are tired of eating all their regular stuff, they come up with a new item and you are tempted to try it :).
Following the same strategy, they introduced Taco.  Taco is a Mexican folded corn or tortilla bread filled with various types of fillings. So apart from using the all purpose flour, Domino’s Tacos more or less fits into the definition (though they look more like calzone than a taco).
Ok they have the right to do it, after all they are a pizza chain and not a Mexican fast food restaurant. You can say their Taco is a fusion of a Calzone and Taco.
When I received my order of Taco, I was literally mesmerized by  the garlicky aroma of the Tacos, even before I opened the Box of Tacos. Finally after coming back to my senses, I opened the Box, and though it didn’t look anywhere near the Taco advertised in the TV commercial, still I was in love with the beauty.
veg tacos
Outer Layer looked like some laccha parantha, but it could beat any laccha parantha of this world hands down when it comes to the looks. Beautiful, Just Beautiful. Shiny, oiled, crispy, golden brown outer layer, sprinkled with oregano seasoning looked just too tempting.
I knew I had made a right decision to order them. Being spell bound by this beauty, I wanted to check what was inside it. So very delicately I opened the outer covering. The spell was broken that very instant. It had two fried vegetable patties and some cheese dip inside it.
My heart nearly stopped beating, I was starting to have my doubts as this was nowhere near to what I was expecting. Anyways I had faith in my inborn talent of judging the food by how it looked and smelled. I had the confidence that two of my senses will not play foul with the third one.
So first bite I took, and I was heart broken. 🙁 . Sob. No I am not saying that it was bad, but it was no way even near to what I was expecting it to be. For the first time in my life, my soul questioned my competence.
I remembered my school days when I had a crush on a beautiful looking girl and went up to talk to her. And the moment she opened her mouth, I realized that she was not what she looked. Sob again. Though I didn’t mind the taste, but my high expectations were broken.
This was the story with tacos.
Need I say more.
veg pizza
Yes, Yes I fell in love with your aroma, your beauty, but I am sorry darling we are not meant to be soul mates. Maybe your sister, the tempting Veg Extravaganza Deep Dish Pizza, but not you for sure. I am deeply sorry.
I think after this heart breaking end to a budding love story, all I am left with, are my rating of the product.
Aroma : 7/5
Appearance : 5/5
Taste : 2.5/5
Value for Money : 3.5/5
Overall : A very disappointed I, me and myself.
Have nothing more to write, so happy eating to you all.

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