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I am a hardened foodie and have a weak knee for good quality Indian sweets Unlike Haldiram and Brijwasi, food quality and menu of Bikanervala restaurants is not highly standardised. But  Bikanervala Gurgaon is just too good to believe. Much better than the Haldiram chain. Right from the food quality, to the presentation and most of[…]

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This post should have been a part of a bigger post on Ram Lila which I will post in coming days. But Makkhan ka Samosa is one thing which I cannot resist, so had to give respect to my favorite sweet dish by making it my first post.

Wait a minute, Did I say “Sweet Dish”.

Oh Yes, its a Sweet Dish.Not just a sweet dish, the tastiest sweet dish I’ve ever had.

Ok, enough of crap. I know many of you must be wondering what exactly is a Makkhan ka Samosa.

Well, Makkhan ka Samosa is a Samosa Made of White butter, its not fried, but served chilled.

Outer white layer, as you can see is whole white butter, given a shape of samosa. Filling is of Khoya, Gulukand, Dry fruits and Kesar.

Its kept refrigerated so it does not melt, and just before serving, it is rolled in sugar, or traditionally in Khand (Raw Sugar).

Wholesome in calories, but taste divine. If asked what’s my last wish before dying, I’d want to eat a Makkhan Ka Samosa, may be a few, may be a few dozen 🙂 . The first time I tasted makkhan ka samosa, was some 10-12 years back. I ate 16 pieces in one go. The trend still continues. 🙂

Makkhan Ka samosa can be easily made at home, or can be bought from outside too. Its traditionally a sweet from Mathura and not commonly available. But, still some old shops in Mathura prepare it on special order. I found a Makkhan ka Samosa seller in Delhi also who sits in Old Delhi, though he is also from Mathura.

Will Provide detailed recipe, with pics, maybe a detailed video in a new post in some time. For the lazy ones who are not interested in preparing it themselves, I’ll also provide the address of makkhan ka samosa seller in Delhi, his phone number and his Google map location and my reviews on the quality and taste.

For the time being keep drooling on the pics, like me, and keep checking the updates. 🙂

Happy Eating.

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